Become a church rep

Bristol Men's Convention is looking for men who will act as church reps. Church reps can play a vital role in promoting the convention in their church and/or organising a group to attend.

A church rep may simply be someone who goes around encouraging a group of men to come along, or might have a more "official" capacity in a church, taking opportunities to give the convention a really good plug in church services and on other occasions.

The church rep might also be a group organiser - but a group organiser could be someone else in your church. Group organisers will help others to attend and benefit from all that BMC offers, by organising a group of men from your church to book and perhaps travel together.

If you are interested in being a church rep please contact us so we can provide you with all the help you need. You might also want to volunteer your services to your church leader! If you are a church leader, why not think about who in your church has the necessary enthusiasm and ability to be a church rep and/or a group organiser!

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